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All our books are set in the same world: The Augmented Universe. We have books for adults and young adults,  and with our new Siren Smalls range, we have books for children.

At Siren Stories we love stories full of fantasy and adventure, strong characters, and plenty of entertainment.

Our books are all available from Amazon in paperback, kindle, and free to read with Kindle Unlimited.

The Lilly Prospero Series

A YA Series aimed at ages 13-18.

Lilly discovers she has an incredible magical power and must learn to navigate a world of magic, mystery and danger, and figure out who she can trust along the way.

The Emerald Wren Series

A series aimed at 18+

Emerald is given a magic lamp and a promise she'll change the world. When she learns the truth about the genie she's been given, she starts to work out who, and what, she's willing to do to save her.

Unholy Water

A book for ages 18+

The small northern town of Ecclesburn is overrun with vampires. When a team of vampire hunters show up to sort the problem out, they discover this isn't a standard job, and soon new and unexpected challenges befall them.

The Schildmaids Saga

A series aimed at 18+

Emily joins the mysterious New York crime fighters The Schildmaids. With her magic and their tech and fighting skills, they take on everyone from human traffickers to real life monsters, determined to save as many as they can from the evils of the world.

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