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About The SSU

About Siren Stories independent filmmakers and publishers in the UK

Siren Stories was established in 2016. Our first release was Lilly Propero And The Magic Rabbit by JJ Barnes. Since then we have gone on to release several novels, YouTube videos, and have a film, Hollowhood, in production now.

All our stories are set in the SSU, the Siren Stories Universe, and are woven together and interconnected across all the stories.

We have recently branched out into music with the new album from Jonathan McKinney, Siren Stories Original Soundtrack.

Our goal is to provide unique and exciting entertainment, all based around the world we created, the SSU, and the adventures that happen within it.

With the release of Nature-Girl vs Worst Nightmare by Rose McKinney and JJ Barnes, we have launched our new brand: Siren Smalls, featuring stories aimed at children between the ages of 6 and 12.

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