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Who Are The Schildmaids Emily the Master Enchantress After The Mad Dog In The Fog The Inadequacy Of Alice Anders The Fundemantal Miri Mnene The Relief Of Aurelia Kite Not Even Stars The Mystery Of Ms Riley

The Schildmaids Saga follows the adventures of the elite crime fighting unit The Schildmaids as they take on human trafficking demons, pimps, and the monsters of the world from their base in Manhattan.

Start your journey with Emily Hayes-Brennan, an amateur enchantress who has journied to New York in the wake of her recent divorce and is ready to start over, chancing it all to save both the lives of others and her own heart.

From there, you will follow each member of The Schildmaids through their own story, including Alice’s experiences when she struggles with her abilities, and Miri’s discovery of herself as she fights demons both inside and out.

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