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Siren Stories presents: The Mystery of Ms. Riley, a Schildmaids Novella.

Alice Anders and Rakesha McKenzie are members of the Schildmaids, the legendary New York crime fighters. And when Alice sees visions of Nina Riley, a young New Yorker carrying a deep, hidden pain, the two heroes fight to determine what has caused that pain, and how to save Ms. Riley from a prison she cannot even see.

The Mystery of Ms. Riley is a harsh yet hopeful story about self-doubt, about ordinary, everyday oppression, and about the kind of love that defies the testimonies of everyone around you.

Who Are The Schildmaids Emily the Master Enchantress After The Mad Dog In The Fog The Inadequacy Of Alice Anders The Fundemantal Miri Mnene The Relief Of Aurelia Kite Not Even Stars The Mystery Of Ms Riley
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