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Lilly Prospero is an ordinary, unpopular, lonely girl with a passion for art and a longing for friendship and popularity.  Everything feels out of reach for her until the day her mother gives her a new pet rabbit.  With the arrival of the rabbit Lilly discovers a whole new world in which she is filled with a magnificent new power that could change the course of history.

Through the Lilly Prospero Series you will follow Lilly as she tries to gain control of her power and decide how and when to use it, all whilst having magical adventures in a world filled with corruption, evil and danger.

In Lilly Prospero And The Magic Rabbit you will follow Lilly discovering her powers and finding friendship with Saffron, as she fights evil and experiences both love and loss.

Then in Lilly Prospero And The Mermaid’s Curse you will travel with Lilly and Saffron to Whitstable to fight an evil Harvester and save the lives of both mermaids and each other.

Lilly Prospero And The Magic Rabbit Lilly Prospero And The Mermaid's Curse
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