FULL NAME: Robert Prospero

FIRST APPEARANCE: Lilly Prospero And The Magic Rabbit



Having children was always something Robert had expected to do, but when it looked like it wasn’t going to happen for them he handled it fairly well.  He was disappointed but chose to focus on all the things they would be able to do, such as travelling.  They both had good incomes and would be able to use that money on themselves rather than a child.

When Emma presented baby Lilly to them and, with the help of a Telepath and a Speaker, weaved a complicated spell that made them believe Lilly was their own, Robert of course fell in love with his daughter and was very happy to be a father.  However, he always felt a slight disconnect with fatherhood, and though he loves his daughter greatly, in the way any father should, he also is aware that he lacks the close bond with her that he lacked with his own father.


Robert is Lilly’s adoptive father, though he is unaware that the two are not biologically connected.  He has had his brain altered by magic to forget that they were unable to bare children.

Whilst a mortal himself, there is magic deep in his DNA from his acestors.  Whereas Alice is proud of the magic in her history, Robert has always hated the stories.  In his family legend, his ancestor was a powerful man at the time of the plague in Italy.  The towns were all segregated to keep the plague from spreading, and when he found out that his wife had been having an affair he cursed the town so all the crops and animals died.  He refused to share food with the towns people, but made his wife watch as all the people die and then he killed her.

This ancestry makes Robert particularly accepting of magic, and easy to control through simple magical means.  His wife, Alice, having a similar history means they were the perfect people to be given a powerful child to raise.

Robert’s family life was fairly happy, but his father was not around much and he didn’t develop a particularly close bond with him.  He met Alice at University and proposed to her on the summer solstice in front of a lake.


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