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Siren Stories presents: The latest instalment of the Schildmaids Saga, Not Even Stars.

Teo Roqué is journeying through Europe with Emily Hayes-Brennan, the woman he loves, when ancient hostilities give way to a war between powerful, clandestine organisations. A war which puts the young couple's lives in danger, as well as all those they care about.

And as a new threat emerges, fanning the conflict's flames, Teo and Emily must work together to end the war before it leads to a disaster much, much worse than they'd imagined.

Not Even Stars is an incredibly intense novel about all-consuming love, about awe-inspiring heroism, and about the cost of making the right choice when the fate of the world hangs in the balance.

Who Are The Schildmaids Emily the Master Enchantress After The Mad Dog In The Fog The Inadequacy Of Alice Anders The Fundemantal Miri Mnene The Relief Of Aurelia Kite Not Even Stars The Mystery Of Ms Riley
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