FULL NAME: Mi-Sook Moon

FIRST APPEARANCE: Lilly Prospero And The Mermaid’s Curse


POWER: Reader


Mi has a rare power, though she is quick to point out it is not as rare as Lilly’s own power.

Being a Reader means she can read any language, including dead languages, foreign languages, or languages written by other Beings.  If she reads the words out loud they have whatever magical powers intended by the original creators of the words, but only if she says them whilst reading them directly from the page.  She does not have the same strength of power as a Speaker, such as Tereska.

Mi is not only a powerful witch but is interested in the goings on of the entire magical community.  She keeps closely up to date with the politics and the news, and likes to study the workings of magic as a theory as well as the different abilities.  Her Reading enables her to read fast and information from around the world, so she studies constantly.

When she moved to England, Opal was delighted to complete her coven with such a powerful witch.


Mi’s family worked in factories in Korea, but soon spotted their daughter’s rare and impressive power and realised they could achieve much more with their lives, with her help.  They travelled across Europe leading a very nomadic existence, trading on Mi’s power to earn money from the magical community.

Eventually they reached England and Mi became involved with Opal’s coven, seizing the opportunity to use her power for her own pleasure and gain, though still remaining loyal to her parents and supporting them until their deaths.


Prospero, Lilly Jones, Saffron Bentley Jeffrey Pablo Priscilla Archer, Keren Archer, Loriana Bahman, Emma Baranowski, Tereska Blake, Fawn Chan Li, Amy Dawkins, Billy Fennyman, Maud Friday, Coral Friday, Opal Gilbert, Una Grace, Dorothy Hawkes, Iris Hogarth, Dougal Jane, Sylvie Moon, Mi-Sook O'Donnell, Owen Patel, Ashya Prospero, Alice Prospero, Robert Stubbs, Errol Tomson, Alex Wilkes, Harvester Wilkes, Sam
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