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On March 30th the Mayor of Stafford hosted authors J.J. Barnes and Jonathan Mckinney, and illustrator Sarah Lewis, for a tea party in the Mayors Parlours.

The Siren Stories team were given a talk on the history of Stafford and the role of the Mayor, and discussed their writing and work with the Mayor and Mayoress, and the former Mayor and Mayoress, as well as enjoying a tea party and posing for photographs for local press.

To see photos from this event please check here!

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On April 25th, the latest issue of Nebula Magazine was released featuring Siren Stories author J.J. Barnes on the cover.

You can read the full magazine here, including the Author Of The Month feature on J.J. Barnes where she discusses her work writing The Lilly Prospero Series and for The Huffington Post, as well as her family life.

On February 28th we hosted the Sirens Launch Book Release Party for Lilly Prospero And The Magic Rabbit by J.J. Barnes, and Emily The Master Enchantress by Jonathan McKinney.

To see photos from this event please check here!

Sirens Launch, Siren Stories, J.J. Barnes, Jonathan McKinney, Emily The Master Enchantress, Lilly Prospero And The Magic Rabbit Siren Stories: The Podcast

We are looking for authors with a book they want to talk about to be interviewed in our new series on Siren Stories: The Podcast.

If you’d like to take part, email your contact information and links to your work to

Siren Stories: The Podcast

Authors J.J. Barnes and Jonathan McKinney release a weekly podcast, Where You Lead, discussing the much loved television series Gilmore Girls.

They each episode down scene by scene and talk about the writing, the characters, and what they love most from Stars Hollow.

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In September we are releasing the second novels in our two hit series, The Lilly Prospero Series by J.J. Barnes and The Schildmaids Saga by Jonathan Mckinney.

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