FULL NAME: Iris Fenella Hawkes

FIRST APPEARANCE: Lilly Prospero And The Mermaid’s Curse

DEATH: Lilly Prospero And The Mermaid’s Curse


POWER: Suffocator


Iris, unlike most, refused to rely on magic to be her only form of power.

She is a suffocator so able to force the oxygen out of people’s bodies giving them the sensation of being choked to death.  It is a power she spent a long time being afraid to use after accidentally causing death as a child.

Whilst this is an active power, and one perfect for self protection, Iris did not on it or even particularly like using it.  For this reason she very quickly developed an astounding physical strength and being highly trained in various martial arts and combat sports.

She used her magical power more for the strengthening of the coven than for actual suffocation, far preferring to use her physical strength, which she felt more proud of and more capable with.


Iris’ life is painfully tragic.  Her mother was abused by her father, and when she was born he allowed his brother and friends to abuse Iris from infancy.  Her mother, so beaten down, could do little to protect her daughter, and as an Empath found herself tortured by the pain Iris was in until she was driven to suicide.

At the age of six, Iris killed her uncle whilst he assaulted her, using her power as a Suffocator.  Despite it being in self defence, Iris was ruined by guilt and shame over the death she had caused and vowed never to use her power again.  She mostly raised herself from this point, living with her abusive father but having little to no interaction with him.

Whilst her father and his friends backed off from her and left her, for the most part, completely alone, this was not the case for all.  At the age of eleven, Iris was abducted by a man as she walked home from school.  He proceeded to attempt to abuse her, and again Iris used her power to defend herself, then escaped leaving him dead in his car.

Determined to never be a victim again, and not to rely on a power she so hated, Iris began working out and lifting weights.  She became a fast runner, very flexible and very strong.  At the age of sixteen she got a local boxing training centre to allow her to join them and soon was fighting with the men as an equal.  This led her to study further forms of fighting and martial arts and become highly qualified, and lethal, in all.

Living on her own from the age of sixteen, often rough, Iris was often approached by men she felt wished to do her harm.  She was able to physically protect herself without using her power for the most part.

When she met Opal she found safety in a gathering of women, all with power, and dedicated her life to working with, and protecting, them.  Over time she came to accept, and even respect, her own power.  However, she still preferred to use her physical ability.


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