FULL NAME: Emma Jayne Bahman

FIRST APPEARANCE: Lilly Prospero And The Magic Rabbit


POWER: Communicator


Emma is a communicator, able to turn shiny surfaces into communication devices to speak with whomever she wishes.  We see her speak many times with Jeffrey and Loriana through mirrors, much like video calling.

She is not driven by the desire for more power, however much she respects those who have strong powers, but sees Power as something to be cautious with.  She believes in the need for Balance, so nobody’s power elevates them above any other, and sees the pursuit of powers being developed can lead to an unhealthy desire for more.

This suspicion of power is what drove her apart from her former friend, Keren, during the development of the Adamantine facility, and also lead her to kidnap Lilly as a baby with the help of Loriana.


Emma’s parents were very well respected within the magical community as philosophers and studiers of magic, rather than users.  Emma was raised to believe her power was a gift but does not make her any worse than those with more power, nor any greater than those without any.

When she met Keren Archer she was immediately impressed by the girl’s passion for her craft and desire to do more with it.  Together they came up with the idea for Adamantine Power.  Emma saw it as a place to teach the philosophy of magic and allow people from her community to share their gifts with one another, to help one another and society as a whole.  When she discovered Keren was using the facility to gain power and influence in politics, as well as increase her financial wealth, Emma fought with her old friend and the two parted ways, never to be friends again.


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When she was involved in the plot to kidnap Lilly as a baby, Emma was the one who decided she should be placed with a mortal family rather than a magical family who would understand her.  She chose a mortal family so Lilly would not be exposed to any magic and had less chance of discovering her true identity.  This was both out of a desire to keep Lilly hidden from Keren Archer, her birth mother, but also out of a fear of Lilly’s power.

When Lilly’s powers were freed by Alex, Emma arranged for an experienced and professional Guardian, Jeffrey, to be sent to her.  Again, this was partly out of her desire to protect Lilly but also her need to monitor her.  Her lack of trust in Lilly made her suspicious and unwilling to tell her the truth, fearful it would drive a wedge between Lilly and Jeffrey and push Lilly into Keren Archer’s arms.

When Lilly discovers the lies, it is that which ultimately does send her towards Keren and away from Jeffrey, and ultimately leads to Jeffrey’s death as he sacrifices himself out of guilt for his loyalty to Emma when he should have been loyal to Lilly.

Lilly refuses to join Emma after she defeats Keren, seeing her as the cause of so many of the issues she has just faced.

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