You’ve got to put your heart on the line some time…

Emily the Master Enchantress is a modern fantasy adventure novel, written by Jonathan McKinney.  The story follows the titular Emily Hayes-Brennan as she is inducted into the famous team of crime fighters, the Schildmaids, as the team’s enchantress.  She’s hired to charm weapons and provide magical gadget support to the team, but she accomplishes way more than that.  When we join her, she’s little more than an above enchantress with a tendency to talk too much; by the end of the story she has well and truly earned the name you see in the book’s title.

Emily is thrust into the Schildmaids’ ongoing mission to combat human trafficking and modern slavery in America.  She will find that the enemy is at times as exotic and mysterious as it can be mundane and familiar.  She will find that some of those who seem responsible can be slaves themselves—and she will find that those who seem friendly, are not always too friendly.  But, most importantly, she will find that there is a deep well of power within her that, when accessed, can be the difference between peace and disaster.

But Emily’s also a regular woman with, let’s say, regular needs.  She’s a recently divorced twenty-nine year old trying to find someone to spend her time with.  Who isn’t?  She’s been dating a depressing series of New York losers and assholes, but there’s one guy she can’t stop thinking about.  Before she can make the kind of connection she’s looking for, she’ll need to face some of the bad relationship habits she’s had formed since she was a teenager in Texas.

Emily the Master Enchantress is Jonathan McKinney’s first novel.  ‘I made this and I’m super proud of it,’ he writes.  ‘The book has all the stuff I’m most passionate about in life: love, friendship, human beings standing against real world evils; but also the kind of escalating stakes you’d see in old fashioned comic books, 80’s action movies, and the recent superhero movie phenomena.  I love a story where the fate of the world is at stake.’

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