Siren Stories presents: The first instalment of the Schildmaids Saga, Emily the Master Enchantress.

Hidden, veiled behind the compressed wealth of New York City, is a dank underbelly of exploitation and slavery, which most people never see, or sense, or suffer. A cruel, expanding world.

And when Emily Hayes-Brennan, a proficient enchantress with a good heart and a tendency to overshare, is recruited to the world renowned crime fighters, the Schildmaids, she will find that that cruel world threatens to expand around her, and everyone she cares about.

She will be confronted by conflicts of fate and choice, as she seeks to find her place in the world.

Who Are The Schildmaids Emily the Master Enchantress After The Mad Dog In The Fog The Inadequacy Of Alice Anders The Fundemantal Miri Mnene The Relief Of Aurelia Kite Not Even Stars The Mystery Of Ms Riley Authors
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