Siren Smalls

Siren Smalls

Siren Smalls children's books from Siren Stories
Siren Smalls childrens books for kids age 6-12
Siren Smalls books by Siren Stories for children aged 6-12

The Siren Smalls brand will feature books aimed at children aged 6-12 years old. They will be full of magic, adventure, danger and fun.


Our first release to the Siren Smalls world will be the debut novel from 6 year old Rose McKinney (with a little help from JJ Barnes):

Nature-Girl Vs Worst Nightmare

At Miss Sparkle's Academy for Magical Children, an old enemy is threatening to return. Nature-Girl and her team of seven year old trainee super hero friends, The Sparkles, must prepare to face their worst nightmares if they have any chance of saving their friends and their school.

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