FULL NAME: Alice Margaret Prospero

FIRST APPEARANCE: Lilly Prospero And The Magic Rabbit



Alice is Lilly’s adoptive mother, though she is unaware that the two are not biologically connected.  She has had her brain altered by magic to forget that she never gave birth to Lilly.

Whilst a mortal herself, she has strong magic in her ancestry which died out long ago.  One of her ancestors was a Healer who lived in the woods in Poland with her daughter, healing those who came to her for help.  The Church authorities burned her at the stake and her daughter vanished, never using her power again.  Over time the active powers died out from her family line, but a residual memory remained in the DNA.

This ancestry makes Alice particularly accepting of magic, and easy to control through simple magical means.  Her husband, Robert, having a similar history means they were the perfect people to be given a powerful child to raise.

Alice was raised by a strong mother and loving father, and always dreamed of having a child of her own.  She met Robert whilst studying at Lancaster University and soon fell in love.


After graduating with a first as an accountant, she worked for various companies and developed an excellent reputation.  She and Robert got married and longed to have a baby, but after several miscarriages began to wonder if it would ever happen for them.

When baby Lilly was brought to them by Emma Bahman, with the help of a Speaker and a Telepath, her dreams of parenthood came true.  A complicated spell was weaved around the family to create the illusion that Lilly had been conceived and bore by the couple themselves.

Alice stopped working for others and became self employed, taking on contracts for various clients and putting time into raising her daughter.

A truly devoted mother, loving and kind, Alice forged a strong bond with Lilly and put all her heart and soul into raising her daughter as best she could.

Although Lilly is aware that Keren is her real mother, Alice remains in the dark.  Whilst adoring her mother, Lilly is reliant on her mother’s blindness to magic to maintain the secrecy of her new found powers.


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