After The Mad Dog In The Fog, Mad Dog In The Fog, Schildmaids, The Schildmaids Saga, Jonathan McKinney, JJ Barnes, J.J. Barnes, Schildmaids Novella, SChildmaids Erotica

Siren Stories presents: After the Mad Dog in the Fog, An Erotic Schildmaids Novelette

Emily Hayes-Brennan wants to get through a simple night out in her home city of New York, introducing her new boyfriend Teo to her friends, so she can get him home and have sex with him for the very first time.

But when an obnoxious admirer and old flame shows up, she begins to fear that her plans are going awry.

After the Mad Dog in the Fog is a wild and energetic novelette about love and desire, and about the free joy that comes from prioritising the one you love before all others.

Who Are The Schildmaids Emily the Master Enchantress After The Mad Dog In The Fog The Inadequacy Of Alice Anders The Fundemantal Miri Mnene The Relief Of Aurelia Kite Not Even Stars The Mystery Of Ms Riley
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Buy Now After The Mad Dog In The Fog, Mad Dog In The Fog, Jonathan McKinney, The Schildmaids Saga, Erotica, Siren Stories, J.J. Barnes, JJ Barnes, Erotic Novella
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