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At Siren Stories, we love fiction.  Love it.  Novels, TV shows, movies—all of it.  We spend most of our time either creating stories, and chatting endlessly about them, or consuming stories … and chatting endlessly about them.

Our favourite kinds of stories have heart, high stakes and a healthy dollop of spectacle.  We started Siren Stories because, truthfully, for story-obsessed nuts like us, there just aren’t enough of them in the world.  Following a fictional character through a series of trials and tribulations, watching her grow and change and develop and love and hate and hurt and feel and suffer and heal has the potential to not only be super entertaining, but also super cathartic.

Stories are… magic.


So we could literally just have started a book club, if all we wanted to do was talk about stories that already exist.  No, chatting about Buffy Summers and Sydney Bristow is great and all, but it’s not enough for us.  We wanted to create.

To create new characters, new conflcits, new worlds, new adventures, and then sharing them with awesome readers like you, is about as exciting as ambitions can get for us.  So when you’re frustrated by Jeffrey or appalled by Gramm, when you roll your eyes at Alex or chuckle at Emily’s runaway tongue, you’re not just … reading, you’re participating in something cool and fun and new: an act of collaborative creation.

At Siren Stories, we are committed to an ongoing process of perpetual storytelling within a shared, cohesive narrative universe.  We want you to step into our world, and stay with us.


As well as being super hifalutin about our own stories, we’re also incredibly hyped to find the best stories out there and talk about them.  That’s where our podcasts come in.  Our style is conversational but analytical.  We love to find the fun where we can, but we’re also drawn to the heavy stuff.  We have plans to go through a bunch of different stories in a bunch of different formats with you.  Find all our social media on our contact page to get regular updates and keep in touch.


Every story we sell takes place within what we call The Augmented Universe.  It’s a shared, hyper-real take on our own world, where we have the scope to write the kinds of stories we love.  You’ll find books with talking rabbits, enchanted swords, mermaids, vampires … but also real places and real culture.

You’ll follow Lilly through her English high school and Whitstable vacation, and you’ll follow the Schildmaids as they fight human trafficking monsters in Manhattan.  Where this is freeing is that this world can expand however we need it to, in whatever way that allows us to tell the next story we have to tell.

If you feel like you have a novel within you, maybe you could write for Siren Stories too.

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